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Handmaiden 4-ply Cashmere - luscious new colours.

Handmaiden 4-ply Cashmere – luscious new colours.

Casbah Silk from Handmaiden.

Casbah Silk from Handmaiden.

Last week we saw the arrival of fabulous yarns from Handmaiden/Fleece Artist, Ancient Arts and Woolfolk.

From Handmaiden we have received the new Flyss – this is a perfect summer weight yarn, 400m to 100grs and a luscious blend of silk and linen.  For those with wool allergies this will fit the bill for almost any fingering shawl pattern!  I can hardly wait to try this one!

Flyss - silk and linen 4-ply

Flyss – silk and linen 4-ply

Also from Handmaiden 10 luscious new colours of their 4-ply Cashmere – knits to DK gauge and is so soft!

Do you love Casbah Sock from Handmaiden?  New this year Casbah Silk – a worsted weight version of the Casbah Sock – such gorgeous colours!

Merino Silk Fingering from Ancient Arts!  Eiffel Tower and Pysanky  colourways in the front.

Merino Silk Fingering from Ancient Arts! Eiffel Tower and Pysanky colourways in the front.

Ancient Arts is a Canadian hand-dye company as well.  We have just received their Merino Silk Fingering – Ahem – I just had to take three of the colours home!  A mosaic shawl in the future for them.

Ancient Arts names their colours so well – Eiffel Tower, Inuit Art, A Road Less Travelled and my personal favorite Pysanky!

And now we come to Woolfolk.

FAR - amazing merino Worsted/Aran.

FAR – amazing merino Worsted/Aran.

We are honoured to have become one of the select retailers who have been hand picked to sell this incredible yarn.  Once the yarn arrived we had a better understanding of why and what made this yarn so amazing – it is the softest fibre any of us have ever felt – even softer than most cashmeres – we were hesitant to even put the yarn out on the floor.  We didn’t want to share!

SNO - rag style fingering Ultimate Merino.

SNO – rag style fingering Ultimate Merino.

Dorothy, Emily and I are pretty well travelled when it comes to fine yarns and in particular fine merino, but this merino has taken our breath!  It stayed in the backroom for three days as we played, discussed and admired the finest merino we had ever petted!

We have brought in two of Woolfolk’s yarns – there are only four to choose from!

FAR - up close and personal!  Can you see the softness!

FAR – up close and personal! Can you see the softness!

“FÅR”, a worsted chainette, light as air and in 15 classic colours that shade from lightest to darkest.  I want to knit a fair-isle style sweater that uses every colour of grey and blue – with the white as accent!

“SNO”, a Ragg style fingering, is only available in 5 colours – all gorgeous, soft and rich, 2 light tones, 1 mid tone and 2 dark tones.  SNO shares all the softness of the FÅR even thought the yarn construction is different!

Dorothy has already knit a cowl in FÅR for herself.  Emily has started a hat with SNO and I am playing with a cowl in FÅR myself.

What is it that makes this Merino so special?  From the Woolfolk website:

Woolfolk yarns combine the highest quality wool with ethical, sustainable practices. The fiber we use, Ultimate Merino®, doesn’t happen by chance, but by the innovative efforts of farmers to produce the very best wool fiber while being land stewards of the Patagonian Grasslands. Woolfolk brings this exquisitely soft and lustrous fiber in handknitting yarns that preserves the unique attributes of this luxurious wool.

The fibre is trademarked and limited, truly remarkable!

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