Where Do they Come From……Ideas for Classes!!

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Right now I am frantically knitting and creating projects for our fall classes.  I am often asked where the inspiration comes from and I ask other creative people the same.  We pretty much all agree – we are not quite sure!  A song, a picture, a colour, a texture, a random comment can spark the creative juices.  I do know that I have more ideas than time to knit and that class projects have to work within the class format.

Wisteria Beaded Cuff Socks!

We know from fashion that texture and colour are very important this fall season – the new Rowan Book is a great example of what knitters are thinking about.  We know from our own knitters that Christmas Gifts are high on their lists.  So this fall we will be looking at a lot of textural  and coloured projects.  The accomodate the class format and our own gift giving lists the projects have to be small and still be interesting!  We hope that you will like our selections – they will be posted by Aug 16th, most likely earlier!

Sometimes ideas come from each other.  I’m working on a sock pattern for a fall class – I am very pleased with the sock itself, it is going very well!  Dorothy takes a look, puts the sock on her hand and tell me “this should be a glove!”.  So the class this fall will be a Wisteria Beaded Cuff Socks or Gloves – thanks Dorothy!!

Happy Knitting


Wisteria Beaded Cuff Gloves – Thanks Dorothy!!

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On August 13, 2010

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