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The workroom at a quiet moment!

Our workroom of course!  Many of our customers are surprized when they realize that we have an upstairs room.  It is used mostly for classes and workshops, and it also stores excess yarn that just won’t fit in our backroom!

This last weekend some more knitters discovered our upstairs while learning how to make thrummed slippers!  This was a workshop that they had booked as a group – there wasn’t enough room left in the original workshop!

Sophie finished her heel tab first!

There was a lot of laughter and knitting and learning.  A group of friends in a class is quite different from strangers in a class – they already know each other and this makes for quite a different dynamic.  It was quite competitve, in a friendly way and everyone worked at understanding what they were doing – Barb who hadn’t knit in about 25 years kept up very well!

By the end of the class, everyone was thrumming along nicely and all were at about the same point – into the body of the slipper.  It was great to see all of the colour combinations!

Happy Knitting


Check out the colours!

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On November 10, 2010

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