Weekend at Kiwi Cove!

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A veiw from the Kiwi Vines looking towards the lodge.

A veiw from the Kiwi Vines looking towards the lodge.

This last weekend was the 13th Retreat that Mad About Ewe Fine Yarns has hosted.  It was our 9th or 10th year at the Kiwi Cove Lodge.

This year we had a guest teacher Abbott Smith.  Abbott a colour theory specialist and came to us from Everett, in Washington State.  Abbott uses fair-isle to teach colour theory and this year the project for the the Retreat was a Double Knit Fair Isle Scarf – Kiwi Rain.  You have seen the pictures to date in the previous post.  This is a new design that he created for the Retreat.  In his lectures Abbott used his scarf The Andalusia Scarf to teach colour theory, also double knit.

Abbott holding up his "teaching" scarf.  we are all ears.

Abbott holding up his “teaching” scarf. We are all ears.

It was a  wonderful weekend, from Abbott’s opening lecture on colour-work techniques to the final moments of the weekend.  The weather was traditional West Coast.  It varied!  From a very light rain and sunshine Friday afternoon, to an absolutely gorgeous Saturday, to rain on Sunday.

It could be a little distracting looking out the windows!

It could be a little distracting looking out the windows!

Friday night started with nibbles and an engrossing lecture with slides.  Abbott has a big personality and a big voice and he could be heard easily by all – and everyone listened as he spoke about fair-isle knitting, colour and perceptions of colour.  We all learned a lot.

Saturday morning was all about the Double Knit technique and the learning the skills necessary to execute the pattern.  In the afternoon was a lecture on the finer points of colour theory and knitting time.  In the hour before the Saturday evening dinner we had a show and tell session.

I have set up the pictures as a slide show in the link above.  If you have the time to click on to each picture there is a little comment by me explaining – most of the time What and Who!

The knitters a the retreat had out done themselves in the last year.  We saw the most incredible lace, garments, bags, socks and mittens.  Many are also spinners and weavers so we got to see a very wide range of items.  It was an incredible show.

Next year we will be learning about brioche knitting and lace, so mark the last weekend (tentatively) in February as booked!  We will see you then.

Happy Knitting


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On February 26, 2013
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