Tufty Found!

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Saturday was the perfect day to bring Dastardly Darren downtown for a lengthy interrogation.  He continued to stonewall us until lunch hour neared and I threatened to withhold his meal.

“Okay Darren,  where is the gnome?” I demanded.

Straight to the secret hiding place he dashed…under the counter amongst the mountains of Padraig slippers.

“Here he is.” he declared very nonchalantly.

Prickles giddy with relief, bristled happily to have his old friend by his side once again.

imageWelcome home Tufty!

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On June 24, 2015

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  1. Dorothy Gregory says:

    Never should have shown his picture – will be really hard to think of him as Dastardly Darren now that his angelic profile has appeared – maybe more like “Delightful Daren”

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