It’s “That” Time of the Year!!

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Christmas is Coming!

Christmas is Coming!

This time of the year is very busy for us knitters.  We are inspired by the weather and the imminent (OK maybe it just feels like imminent) arrival of Christmas!!  Are you looking for inspiration and idea’s we have a few, ranging from scarves to Christmas stockings and small bits of lace.

A new yarn from Schulana, a mohair and silk blend with a glimmer of sparkle has just arrived, perfect for a quick little scarf with a little Christmas Glitz.  A new yarn from Classic Elite is on its way – Fresco, a merino, alpaca, and angora sport weight yarn that has a nice halo when knit.

Our classes have been rolling along and they have all started and/or finished and we are looking forward to the spring sessions.  Dorothy and I have already started planning and designing some new classes for the Spring.  Is there something that you want to learn?  Please let us know, we’ll see what we can do.

Lace Poetry

Lace Poetry

This week we say goodbye to the Queen Anne’s Lace trunk show.  What an inspiring display of lace!

Thrumming has taken over the store – what a surprise hit!  We are waiting for more roving and I am working on a pattern for thrummed slippers – a much requested item.

First Thrumming Workshop - Busy Knitters!

First Thrumming Workshop – Busy Knitters!

Scarves and hats are still amongst the most popular Christmas Gifts.  As are gloves, mittens, standard, thrummed and fingerless! Also any other small items.  Anything bulky and quick to knit also works!  Speed is of the essence this time of the year!!  What is your last minute Christmas Gift solution?  We look forward to seeing you and hearing your idea’s!  If you have a fabulous Christmas present idea, come and share!

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