Summer Knitting!

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Summer Sun Hats

Summer Sun Hats

Summer is fast approaching, in fact it feels like it is already here!  We’ve been waiting for it to arrive,  but somehow Spring got lost in the process!

So What kind of summer knitter are you?  We all knit all year long here!  No surprise there!  I knit always, and constantly, but in the summer my pace is more relaxed and the projects are usually smaller and lighter – lace is a constant summer favorite for me and the summer workshops are all lace this year.

Do you put away your knitting and pick-up the golf clubs and/or gardening gear?  Sub in your favorite summer activity here!!  Don’t forget to relax in that garden, or after that activity and sit with some light knitting in hand.  In my case – I get to enjoy the fruits of my husbands’ labor!

Do you put down your knitting for books, magazines and planning your fall projects?  We’ve got lots of books and ideas and always more arriving!  Some of the new books already here; “Luxury One Ball Projects” – lots of fabulous little projects to gift to friends and self!  “Knitters at Home” – throws and pillows by Knitter’s for the home.  Books to look for – “Little Felted Animals”, needle felting fun, small and portable; “Knitting in the Sun”, warm weather projects; “Fiber Gathering”, a visit to many of the summer fiber fairs accross the U.S;  “Pints and Purls”, perfect social knitting in a convivial atmosphere!

Do you knit for Christmas during the summer?  We have a couple of customers who make Christmas Goodies their summer knitting.  Lots of small gifts for the people on their lists!  Small project and gift giving are the themes of many of summer’s newest books!  These books are on the way – “Faith, Hope, Love Knitting”, “Sensational Slippers”  and “Interweave Presents Knitted Gifts”.  Lots to look forward to!

So where do you fit in?  Let us know what kind of summer knitter you are!?!

At Mad About Ewe we are entering the quietest period of our year, and that makes it the best time to come in for help with that project that is just not making sense, or haul out that project that has been languishing and maybe needs some re-thinking.  At this time of year we almost always have time to offer the extra help that you might need.  As well, Dorothy and I are planning the fall classes and knitting up the samples – you might get a sneak peak at what is coming for the fall!

Don’t forget that June 13 is World Wide Knit Out in Public Day! – so where-ever you go, haul out your knitting and celebrate the craft that we all love so well!

Happy Knitting


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On June 2, 2009

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