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Patio Socks in Baah La Jolla Gold Rush

Some of us knitters refuse to stop knitting no matter how nice the weather is.  Some of us are perennial knitters – we knit year round, all the time, year after year, regardless of how our sweaty hands make our tension tighter in the summer.  We are so dedicated/addicted/maniacal that we force our summer and winter pastimes to coexist.

Alas there remain those stubborn knitters who refuse to bridge the gap between the seasons.  “Oh, no no.  I spend the summer in the gaaarden,” they say, some of them with a bit of pomp (as if year round knitting is ridiculous folly), others with just a bloomy, leafy resignation.

So, I would like to enlist my fellow perennial knitters to entice those winter-only folk to try out socks for the summer.  They are small, worked in dainty yarn, and super portable so they can accompany you on all of your warm weather adventures.  Who says you have to choose between flora and wool?  Why must you choose!?  Choose both, by gum!  There is no malevolent summer elemental waiting to strike you down if you admit you have the urge to knit in the summer months (that I know of…).

Thusly, I whipped up Patio Socks, a little cuff-down Quilted Lattice sock pattern that is perfect for summer.  I chose it because it shows off hand-dyed yarn spectacularly, but the stitch pattern absolutely shines in plain yarn too.  Dorothy is knitting a linen sweater in the same Quilted Lattice stitch, and it is a stunner.  Quilted Lattice is one of those few all-encompassing stitch patterns that marries well with variegated, solid, and tonal yarn.  The long strands break up the colours so nicely and it makes for lazy but beautiful knitting – the knitty embodiment of summer itself!  The Patio Socks are available as a free pattern download on Ravelry until the end of the KAL, so grab a pretty skein and knit along with us!  Or, if you’d prefer, do drop by the shop and grab a free copy there too.

Patio Socks in Misti Alpaca Edible Brights

The Patio Socks KAL will run from June 15th until July 31st.  Please join in the Ravelry fun and gossip in the KAL thread.  There will be prizes and summer fun for all!

Also, our World Wide Knit in Public is going to be this Saturday, June 18th.  If you have any questions or concerns about the pattern, I would be happy to answer them in person then.  Patio Socks on the courtyard patio in front of the shop…summer is here!

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On June 15, 2016

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  1. Nicole says:

    I think Patio socks are the best knitting ideas I’ve seen in a while!!!! I just hate the fact that there are no cute knitted socks for the summer these days since (as you say in your blog) many people reserve it for the cozy winter time. This is a very refreshing and original idea.
    PS: My favourite are the colourful rainbow ones!!!

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