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We all have a passion.  Something about our craft that we love the best.  Something in our craft where we pour in our creative energies.  At Mad About Ewe we each have our particular passion as well.

Sheepy Laceweight goodness.

Sheepy Laceweight goodness.

Dorothy for example loves to create whimsically embellished felt work.  You can see her work at Artisans Studio downtown.  Brenda knits for family and pours her energy into choosing the perfect piece in the right colour!  Emily knits to relax after a long day.  Having spent her day chasing either children or book work, her knitting is the zen in which she relaxes.  The pattern has to be perfect for the yarn and moment, something that sets her day into perspective.

My passion is lace.  Lace knitting, Lace painting and designing Lace pieces.  Beading my knitting is also a passion.

Because of our passions what you find at Mad About Ewe is a blend of each of our interests.  From the patterns and books to peruse for the perfect gift for family or self; to the rovings and tools necessary for needle felting; and on to the yarn – the binding fibre of our lives – the choices here reflect all of our various passions.

Tosh Light arrived in many new colours.

Tosh Light arrived in many new colours.

Today we received some laceweight wool from the Shetlands.  Created by Shetland Organics this wool 2-ply is currently only available in natural white and natural black.  It smells of sheep and the yarn has the slightly oily feel of natural wool.  I am in heaven.

Last week saw the arrival of two LARGE boxes of Madelinetosh Yarns.  Brenda and Dorothy each have grabbed their colours – I won’t say that I was immune either – passions often cross boundaries.

Brenda is our Ravelry expert.  She knows the new yarns and patterns far better than Dorothy and I.  She is looking for a pattern for a new KAL – stay tuned!

What is your passion?  Do you knit for others or yourself?  Do colours carry you away? Or is it the smell and feel of the yarn?

Knit Passionately


Tosh Merino DK - brand new merino single from Madelinetosh

Tosh Merino DK – brand new merino single from Madelinetosh


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On June 10, 2013
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