News Flash!! – Flying Saucers have landed!! – Barbie has just been sighted!! – and other Related News Items!!!

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Fl;ying Saucers have landed at Mad About Ewe!

Flying Saucers have just been sighted at Mad About Ewe.  These gorgeous sock yarns are hand-dyed and then balled to produce matching socks.  So all of you sock knitters who love to match your socks – take note – now you can have matching socks in hand-dyed yarn.  The yarn is a soft wool/nylon blend and the colours are great!

Barbie and Linda

Who knew?   Barbie is alive and well.  She recently popped into the store to show off her gorgeous beaded gown.  Her friend Linda, who shares my love of beads, just had to share this fabulous dress that she crocheted a few years ago.  Doesn’t Barbie look great, not a day over 21!

The fall Classes and Workshops are under construction and will be posted by mid-August.  Dorothy and I are knitting madly, trying to get the samples done.  A couple of hints though, look for lots of colour and texture, both of which are hot ticket items for this fall, according to the fashion experts!

Darren rolled over yesterday – he liked it so much that he kept on repeating it!  Watch out world – it won’t be long until he is fully mobile!

Well that is all the news for today!  Happy Knitting!


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On July 27, 2010

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