New Arrival

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Darrin, 10 days old

Meet Darrin – the new darling of Mad About Ewe!

You can expect to see him in the store for the next few months.  He won’t be far from his mom, so whenever Emily comes in he’ll be here!  He is very cute and very sweet – and so far not too noisy!

Kianna still comes to visit as well and is looking very pretty.  I took this photo, last friday, March 26th.  I was getting her to model my new pattern.

She loves her new brother and helps out by running for diapers and wipes!  She also likes to share – Emily has had to explain that Darrin only has milk for the first little while, and that raisins really wouldn’t be good for him!  Kianna was quite happy about this, more raisins for her!

Kianna, almost 2

Happy Knitting


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On March 30, 2010

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