Moving to the Dark Side!

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Dorothy in her Beaded Demiluna Shawl

Dorothy in her Beaded Demiluna Shawl  Isn’t it Beautiful?  It was knit with Zen Garden Serenity Silk Singles, and Accented with size 6/0 Beads!

I have long been a proponent – a little enthusiastic – of beading your knitting.  And it now appears that others are slipping into the dark side to join me!

Dorothy – whom I have worked with for fifteen years – who swore that she would never knit with beads or wear a shawl – shocked me totally when she came into work on Wednesday wearing a beaded shawl!  Way to go Dorothy!



Brenda has been seen lurking around the bead display as well!  I have even seen her slipping a box or two of beads into her purchases!  I am slowly prevailing on them all!

Emily still is resisting!  Try as I might I cannot move her to the dark side.  The last shipment of beads with the new crystals and the beautiful Triangle beads moved her not at all!

One day there will be a bead who’s siren call she will not be able to resist!  In the meantime I will hold up her end myself!  The sacrifices we make!  LOL!

Lorraine's Stunning bag!

Lorraine’s Stunning bag!

While some of my colleagues may be holding out I have managed to convert quite a few customers.  We have seen many beautiful beaded shawls, gloves and bags over the last few years.  Just recently Lorraine was in to share her latest creation – knit on stainless steel toothpicks – with literally tens of thousands of pre-strung tiny beads – this is going to be an heirloom item!  It is simply gorgeous!

Have you been in to share your knitting lately?  Been beading your knits on the sly?  We would love to see you!

We offer  the following times to come and knit in the store.

  • Our Knitters Forum runs every Monday or Wednesday morning from 10:00am to 12:00pm – $3.00 fee.
  • New – for the Summer – feel free to knit in the Courtyard from 10:00 to 1:00 – no fee.  Bring a chair and your knitting!

Please don’t forget the tomorrow, Sat June 21 is our Knit-out in Public Day.  Come and knit in the courtyard from 11:00am to 3:00pm, bring a chair, some lunch (if you want) and of course – your knitting!  Come for the full 4 hours or just show up for a little while.

Happy Summer Knitting


The knitters group from this last Wednesday - dedicated knitters all!

The knitters group from this last Wednesday – dedicated knitters all!





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