More projects in progress!

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Gorgeous! Retro by Noro – vest in progress!

One of the great things about working and simply being in a yarn store is seeing the projects that knitters are making and the yarns that they are working with – here are a couple more “shares”!

When Dorothy knits we often don’t see the in progress part.  The other day I caught a glimpse of a gorgeous sock in progress!

Dorothy’s sock in progress!


Now for a couple of finished samples for the store!

Berocco Blackstone Tweed Jacket

Emily has been working on the Blackstone jacket for a while – ask her all about it!  Sometimes our projects offer a few challenges.

I’ve been working on the Fan Shawl in the Panda Silk DK as a sample for a class and the store and it is now finished!  The gorgeous burgundy colour did not show in the photo!  I’ll have to take another picture!

Fan Shawl

Happy Knitting!


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On November 12, 2010

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