Mad About Ewe Retreat 2012

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Welted Cowl – Easy Knitting for a relaxing Retreat – this is the short versin – longer version is optional.

Retreat 2012 will be Mad About Ewe’s 12th annual retreat.  Every year we host 35 to 40 knitters all looking for a relaxing, energizing and rewarding experience with other like minded people.  This year is no different.

The weekend of February 10th, 11th and 12th we will take over the Kiwi Cove Lodge and knit until our hands cry no more – and then of course we will knit some more.

Entelac Cowl – shaped from bottom to top by shrinking the size of the entrelac squares.

Our techniques this year are Welting – horizontal ribbing, Entrelac or Swedish Basketweave – short row squares that build from each other and resemble basketweave, and Cat Bordi’s Moebius Cast-on.  The techniques are all reversible as well, the entrelac will be in garter stitch to make it reversible and welting is naturally reversible.  There will be four projects to choose from:

Welted Cowl – the easiest of the projects, suitable for the beginning knitter or the knitter who knows that she will be socializing with her old friends, catching up since last retreat, over concentrating on her knitting.

Welted Moebius – not quite finished! I’ll post a another picture once done! Check out the shape while in progress!

Entrelac Cowl – Simple shape enhanced by every shrinking entrelac squares.  Once mastered entrelac in the round goes quickly and is fun to knit!  Suitable for most intermediate knitters, does require some attention to numbers!

Welted Moebius – Easy knitting after learning the Cast-on.  So pay attention on Friday night and party the rest of the weekend!

Entrelac Moebius – Want to challenge yourself?  This is the project for you.  From the Moebius cast-on to setting up the Entrelac and then adding simple lace patterns to each entrelac square – this project will keep your mind and fingers engaged!

Entrelac Moebius – Full on engagement!

Everyone will receive enough yarn to knit one of the projects and the instructions for all 4 projects.  So even if you don’t want to try the “challenging” project you will be able to go home and play with it at a later date!  The Retreat cost also includes, snacks every day, Lunch on Saturday and Sunday, and the Saturday Dinner.  There are also door prizes and for a extra charge an on site Masseuse who can be booked for 20 minute sessions.

Interterested?  There are still a couple of spots left, for the retreat and even one or two shared accomodations left – so contact us at Mad About Ewe for more information.  250-754-0785 or at [email protected].

Happy Knitting


On the back Deck!

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On January 18, 2012

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