Lots of Sweaters and Scarves!

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Bonnie’s Finished Sweater! Front

In the last week we have seen a few finished projects and I will be adding some more Helix Scarves to the slideshow.

And Back!

Look for the Summer Activities – classes etc to go up next week. What have you been knitting?  Please feel free to come in and share or post here!  I’m working on some lace for the summer and looking for ideas for the fall classes.  I’ll let you know what I come up with.  Have you got any suggestions!?

Penny’s Sweater!

The helix scarf KAL has been huge in the store.  Many knitters have been knitting multiples of the scarf and are taking care of Christmas presents.  I’m thinking of starting another one when this is finished – I think that I’ll approach like Knitting Daily and offer a few ideas that we can vote on!  Got any suggestions!

Anthea’s Helix!

Happy Knitting Lynette

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On April 27, 2011

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