Lots of Stuff to See!

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Andrea and Lynne having a giggle at the Monday Morning S’n’B!

This last week I have seen lots of wonderful finished projects walk through our doors!  I’ve posted some more pictures to the Helix Scarf slide show.  If you see one you like or one of your own, feel free to add a comment.

Ruby’s finished sampler from the Retreat

The Monday and Wednesday Stitch’n’Bitch’s are going strong and we see many people every week, looking for help with their current projects or thinking ahead to their future projects. Yesterday saw the arrival of ShiBui Sock and Heichi, a 100% silk Tweed.  We also received some new shawl pins.  These pins are made from Deer Antlers.  These antlers are collected after they are shed.  Allan Tosh is the artist.

Shawl Pin made by “Tosh”

March 20th saw the arrival of Be Sweet’s African Bead Ball and I took a couple of balls home to play with and have come up with the first pattern and I am working on a second.  The Butterfly Jabot, takes one African Bead Ball and 100 yds of a contrasting yarn.  The second pattern is knit, but now written.  It is a Beret.

Amanda Modelling the Butterfly Jabot

Happy KnittingLynette

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On April 19, 2011

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