It’s Cool in Here,

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Cheshire Moon Bags

Cheshire Moon Bags


But someone – The Powers That Be -forgot to turn down the thermostat outside!!  Time for small projects, or perusing books and magazines looking for that new project for the fall.  Nothing that causes too much heat!
A couple of weeks ago Emily and I were talking about how hard it was to find attractive, functional and affordabe project bags.  It was one of the items we were looking for at the TNNA – we found some gorgeous bags, but not particularly functional and certainly not affordable.  They would have started at about $140 and gone up from there!
Eva, one of Kianna’s adopted grandmothers commented that she used to make bags, would we be interested in her trying her hand at a project bag?  Would We!??  We were most interested.  Eva said that she would see what she could do.  So Cheshire Moon Bags was reborn, that was the name Eva had used in the past.
Last week Eva came in with a shopping bag all tied up with some ribbon.  Would we like to see the bags?  Eva wasn’t sure that we would like them, and was very worried that they would be too expensive for us!
As you can see they are beautiful – each one is unique – made of remnants of fabrics and fully lined with interior and exterior pockets!  How talented our customers are!  The bags are only $40.  They are small enough for socks, but big enough for a small sweater or a that special lace project  Come in and pick one for yourself.
Keep cool and Happy Knitting!
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On July 28, 2009

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