It was a Wonderful Weekend!

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Gorgeous day for knitting!

Another Retreat finished in a flash!  From the opening comments, appi’s and cast-on’s, the weekend just rolled on.  Thirty-seven women, plus Emily and Myself, and one absolutely gorgeous wee baby (Sara’s little boy Hamish!), gathered at the Kiwi Cove Lodge for Mad About Ewe’s 12th Annual Retreat!  The techniques that we focused on this year were Welting and Entrelac and the projects were either cowls or Moebius!  The weather was perfect, grey, overcast, low clouds and occasially rain.  It was the perfect West Coast Winter Weekend, great for knitting.

Everyone working hard!

The Moebius cast-on was mastered by those who wanted to learn how – sometimes several times over until it clicked!  We did not even notice the passage of time until – suddenly – it was past nine and time for us to quiet our minds.  We would need our sleep for the knitting marathon ahead!  As we reluctantly dispersed, those headed for home, whom were going and those to their rooms, whom were staying, and all still spoke of the weekend ahead with anticipation.

Harmish modelling for us!

Saturday morning whizzed by in a flash and the afternoon as well.  Suddenly it was show and tell – the projects and knitting shared were in credible.  We are surronded by so much talent!  The lace this year was absoutely gorgeous, several pieces were purple, were they thinking of me?!  Hamish got to model several of the baby items and was a real trooper, not a tear did he shed as bags, vests and hats were all put off and taken off with much laughter and comment!

Judi’s bag. Chin and nose are short rowed sock toes! What a wonderful creation!

Judi brought an Entrelac shawl that she had knit and I “borrowed” it to show as a sample and then forgot to get a picture of it!!  So sorry Judi – it was gorgeous!

Jo decided that her Moebius needed some jazzing up!  And then found the perfect yarn.  Lucatape by Lucci yarns.  A gorgeous blend of 3 strands, including one strand of sequins.  Suddenly the rush was on – everyone needed some for their project.

Jo and her jazzed up Welted Moebius!

We had just received Lucatape on Thursday and I had thrown some in to go out to the retreat – just because it was so cool!  Who knew that it would become such a hit!

The theme for the Saturday night dinner was Greek and it was great!  Peggy followed dinner up with some Kiwi Cheesecake – Mmmmm!

Sunday was more of the same – lots of laughter, learning and sharing.  We can hardly wait for next year!  Check out the link below to see lots more pictures from the retreat!

Happy Knitting

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On February 14, 2012

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