I like to knit. You like to knit. Let’s knit stuff together.

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There’s something that happens when a horde of knitters gather and knit together. Something profound. Sure, they chat and gossip and natter on about random things, but there is some sort of cosmic reverberation when they do this while knitting. I feel like it’s a similar type of collective mind that sports teams share. There is a united purpose, to knit tiny stitches into something bigger. It’s poetry.

Young Knitters

A completely diverse selection of people from vastly different situations can sit down and knit and have a common thread (or yarn!). It doesn’t matter how old they are, or where they came from. Differences are irrelevant as long as they are knitting together. Things like who lives where and whom so-and-so voted for and what religious denomination they are and whether or not they like Michael Jackson become rightfully inconsequential. None of it matters. We’re all knitters. I like to knit. You like to knit. Let’s knit stuff together. It doesn’t need to be more complicated than that.

Wednesday Morning Knitters

I must confess that I dislike technology. I’m like my grandmother. My grandmother has no computer, no cell phone, no nothing. She doesn’t even have caller ID. She says she’s too old to change. I think of Nyan Cat and Google Adsense, and other great evils of the internet, and tell her she’s better off. I sometimes ponder whether my own life would be greatly improved if I returned to primitive (by today’s standards), rotary phone, typewriter technology. But, when I think about knitting, I reconsider. At the very least, one of the redeeming things about the internet is that it builds a conduit across the spooky void of time and space and connects people with mutual interests that would never otherwise amass. The online knitting community is a delightful amalgamation of eccentricity, hospitality, enthusiasm, and boundless creativity.

Knitters Without Borders, long-distance knitterly swaps, yarn bombing, afghan squares for charity, the Tiny Bunnies Movement, these things are baffling, wonderful products of connected knitters. These things wouldn’t exist without modern technology. The world is indisputably a better place since knitters went online. I tell my grandmother this but she remains dubious. I can’t say I blame her.

Sometimes we can’t all get together in the same place, or we are all too busy with modern day hubbub to make it to the shop at a certain time and hang out. But thanks to the internet, there is a next best thing. We are doing a knit-a-long in our Mad About Ewe Friends and Flock Ravelry group to celebrate spring. All of the details are here: http://www.ravelry.com/discuss/mad-about-ewe-fine-yarns—friends-and-flock/3179864/

Please come and join us. It’s going to be a blast. Join us and feel that magical feeling that only comes from knitting together…and from prizes.

Jess (Bolgaful on Ravelry)

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On April 19, 2015

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