How Did “It” Go!

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Christmas is waning and the gift giving is over – I hope that your knitting and gifting went well! My gifts were well received, with a few minor glitches!

I got my son’s sweater finished, put together and ready for Christmas giving. There was one problem – I swear that the sleeves shrank when I attached them to the body of the sweater. They were at least 2 inches shorter. Note to self, when measuring son’s sleeves, do NOT stretch slightly, perhaps, I should subtract an inch or two as I measure so as not to underestimate the length of his arms. The sweater was received with great delight, the colour was perfect – the yarn was so soft and felt great – the body was perfect – but really, stretch them as he might the sleeves were at least 3 inches too short!! I’m going to be removing the ribbing and lengthening the arms in the next week.  Want to learn how?  Check out our Fear of Finishing Workshop in February.

My second knit gift was much more successful. A pair of socks still on the needles – a family tradition – at least one gift has to given still on the needles. This years recipient, Guy, was celebrating his first Christmas with us and a little bemused by this tradition. What exactly was he supposed to do with the yarn, needles and partially knit tube that he was receiving?! Guy was much relieved to hear that he was not expected to finish his socks. I was thrilled to find out that he liked socks with short tops and always folded over the tops of his sock – I went straight to the heel and got to work.

Serendipity and Christmas – two of my favorite things.

Happy Knitting

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On December 27, 2009

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