Holiday KAL!

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Well, the holiday season is upon us…for some, it is a time of baubles and cheer and leisure and alcoholic beverages and for others it is a time of frenzied shopping, guilt, and the grim inevitability of visiting with people you manage to avoid the rest of the year.  Whether you are under great pressure to knit everyone in your extended family a jumper, or just knitting a tiny reindeer sweater for your cat so you can take ridiculous Christmas card pictures, the bottom line is that most of us are doing some sort of extra knitting.  Therefore, our KAL at Mad About Ewe is going to be a breezy one.  After all, you can never have too many TOYS around this time of year!

There is something inherently charming and sweet and loveable about knitted toys.  For me, I think my love of them can be traced back to my childhood Mr. Bean obsession, and his beloved knitted Teddy (which, incidentally, there is actually a pattern for!!).  I often wonder who knit Mr. Bean his Teddy…


I really think that as gifts, knitted toys are genius, and great for adults and kids alike.  After all, what dignified grown man wouldn’t want a monster to hang out in the back window of his car, and what self-respecting grandmother wouldn’t want a lovely little hand-knit bird or bunny to hang on her tree (I’ve been knitting these little guys all year round and stuffing them with lavender, they make good moth keeper-outers for your knitting friends and they make anyone’s underwear drawer smell fancy!).


Surely, even the most belligerent, knit-prejudiced teenager would appreciate one of these little Mochimochis hanging from their keys (I have previously blogged about their endless charms here).  And is there anyone in general who wouldn’t need a gargantuan owl guardian for their couch?  The answer is, unequivocally, no.

A lot of people never attempt knitted toys because they are either intimidated by the fiddly little bits, or because they think you need some sort of super special secret skill.  But lots of toys are simply designed with basic increases and decreases, and there are both seamed toys (Little Cotton Rabbits) and seamless toys (Susan B. Anderson).  Then again, if you are ridiculously ambitious and a bit insane, you could always attempt a fabled Alan Dart pattern.  Dun dun duuuuun…

Unlike sweaters, with toys, there is the added surety of the cuteness factor, so even if your teddy bear has a droopy eye, or if your dolly has a Groucho Marx style ever-quizzical brow, or if your Dickensian mouse has a lopsided sneer, fret not, because they will still be so unbelievably cute.  And, without fail, your toy will be much more special to the recipient.  Our Holiday Toy KAL will run from now until December 31st.  There will be prizes!  Come on over to our Ravelry group and join the festivities!

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On November 17, 2015

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