Hats for Babies!

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Bunjie has been knitting hats, lots of them.  Purple Hats for the Purple Bucket Campaign and cat, owl an colour-full hats for a new Grand-baby.   Her Daughter Sara is expecting her first child and Bunjie has been knitting.

Anthea knit a striped hat for the bucket and the bucket is looking great.  Keep up the good work everyone.

The store is groaning at the seams from all the new yarns arriving and the new stock of the old reliables for the fall.  Have you checked out the fall classes?  They are starting to fill up.  What are you knitting for Christmas this year, one of the cool new scarf yarns of some fingerless mittens?  So many ideas and still lots of time!

Happy Knitting


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On September 13, 2011

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