Dorothy’s Slip Stitch Spiral Knit Socks KAL

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Oh, hello there. Nice to see you! Thanks so much for stopping by! While you’re here, I would like to formally introduce to you the sock of all socks. Good knitters, meet Dorothy’s Slip Stitch Spiral Knit Socks. Socks, meet the good knitters. I know you two will be the best of friends, because they are the most uncanny, cunning socks in existence.


It’s comparable to when someone invents something so indisputably good that it becomes an instant, timeless classic. I feel like these socks are the wooly equivalent to peanut butter and jam, or a little black dress. It’s the perfect combination of a meditative yet engrossing pattern combined with enthralling yarn play. Not enough intricacy to irk you, but just enough to keep you fascinated. Just ask Dorothy. She’s been knitting them for years and has never tired of them. And we never tire of snooping her latest sock and wondering how she got to be so clever.

The spellbinding part of the socks is the amalgamation of the two self-patterning yarns.   The spiralling technique is pure magic. The first time I did it, I felt my mind quiver with the unnerving permutation of rapid expansion and unadulterated shock. It’s pretty much wizardry. If Mrs. Weasley’s disembodied needles were knitting socks, surely they would be knitting these socks. Beware and be warned though, if you think about what is physically happening when you are spiralling the two yarns, the universe may implode. Do not think about it. Just do as Dorothy says and you will be safe within the comfortable limitations of your own consciousness. Do as she says and you will not create a black hole. I wish someone had warned me.

The versatility of Dorothy’s socks is boundless. Knit them with any old self-patterning yarn you have lying about and watch her pattern turn tired old stash into something wondrous. Knit them in posh yarn and be smitten with the luxury and the beauty. Use the pattern to marry together plain yarn with exciting yarn, or solid and variegated, or a solid and another solid for bold, single-row stripes. Or, be the wisest and do what Dorothy does. Get yourself two modest, colourful balls of Drops Fabel, and watch how the patterns hang out together. The slipped stitches in the pattern wreak further, delicious havoc on the self-patterning yarn. It is utterly hypnotic.


We are doing a Knit-A-Long starting on June 27th and running until August 22nd in our Ravelry group for Dorothy’s socks. We will be putting together kits at the shop that will include two balls of Drops Fabel and a printed version of the pattern.  Please come and join us!


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On June 24, 2015

9 Responses to Dorothy’s Slip Stitch Spiral Knit Socks KAL

  1. Diane says:

    what perfect timing. I only knit one project at a time and have already decided upon finishing this shawl that SOCKS are my next project! Thank you thank you thank you for this pattern and the KAL. I can’t join in for 2 days but will head over as soon as I start.

    • Jess says:

      I’m so happy that you will be joining us, Diane! You sound just as jazzed about the socks as I am. This KAL is going to be so much fun. The pattern seems to have blown up on Ravelry too, so there will be a lot of people knitting along with us. I can’t wait! Glad to have you with us!

  2. Nicole says:

    Love those socks!!! Your writing is so amazing Jess and me being a Harry Potter fan myself I found that reference quite funny!! I can completely see Mrs. Weasely’s needles knitting those exact socks. Make sure you don’t rip another black hole in the universe Jess for everyone’s sake!!

    • Jess says:

      Aw gee, thanks Nicole! Us Harry Potter nuts have to stick together. Mrs. Weasley would definitely be all over those socks. I wonder what the spell incantation would be? “Stichium Spirallario!” Maybe? Hmmm.

  3. Heather in WV says:

    What a lovely pattern. I have a lot of self striping yarn and can’t wait to cast on-and I’m still in the KAL timeframe.

    Thank you for sharing the love. -maryskid on ravelry

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