Dangerous Goods!

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Joan Hoye came into the store today, as did many others.  What is special about Joan?  Joan is a lace knitter and a wonderful silversmith.  She makes our beautiful stitch markers and shawl pins and other knitting themed jewelry.  Joan has been making silver jewelry for quite a few years and has been selling the knitting themed items at Mad About Ewe for about 5 years.  I have a large collection of markers and pins!

Joans Jewelry - Dangerous Goods!

Joans Jewelry

Joan also makes her jewelry to order.  A few months ago Joan brought a beautiful flower stick-pin to the store.  It has a tiger eye center.  Tiger eye (golden browns) is not my colour so I asked her to make me a similar pin with something in my colour for the center.  A few weeks later she showed me some PauPau shell, it was perfect!  I asked her if she could perhaps make some earings – sure, no problem!  Big Problem!! – for me!

Dangerous Goods!

Dangerous Goods!

So yesterday Joan came into the store with my new pin and earings.  They are beautiful.   And you can see my problem, I just want more!

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On July 22, 2009

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