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Crazy Zauberball, Mon Amour

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I am here today to profess my undying love for Crazy Zauberball. My love for it runs deep and pure and true in my fuzzy soul. It bewitches me with its quirky, handspun-esque barber-poling, its endless variety of mischievously striking colours, and perhaps best of all, its intrinsic volatility and originality. No two Crazy Zauberballs are alike. They are like DNA, or fingerprints…but prettier.

It’s not just how Crazy Zauberball looks. It feels good. Wooly but smooth. Warm. Breathable. Strong. German. Good.  I’ve positively clobbered my Crazy Zaubershawl since I’ve knit it last year, and it looks as fresh as the day my needles bore it. One wonders to oneself, should I like this yarn so much? It could be argued that it’s nothing particularly special, really. It shares the same old 75% wool 25% nylon fiber content that many other sock yarns do. Yet a seemingly humble ball of Crazy Zauberball embodies something otherworldly, something intangible.

Perhaps you should ignore this ode to Crazy Zauberball and never get yourselves any whatsoever, because even after you’ve finished knitting a colourway of Crazy Zauberball, you won’t be sick of it. The next one will be different. The next one will always be different. As for me, like Smaug, I will sit atop my Crazy Zauberball mound and guard it with ferocity. And, by the perilous mouth of the winged devil that is the moth, I will have more. Much more.

So far I have knit the Boneyard Shawl in the 1701 colourway,

Boneyard Shawl

some toe-up knee-high socks in 1702,

Toe-up Knee-highs

and the Sockhead Hat in 2248.

Sockhead Hat

My Crazy Zauberball WIPS include the Division cardigan in 2250,

Division Cardigan

some thigh-high stockings in 2092,

Toe-up Stocking

and some more thigh-high stockings in 1564.

Toe-up Stocking 2

I know that one day I will finish my Crazy Zauberball stockings, and my Crazy Zauberball sweater, and that I will wear them with my Crazy Zauberball shawl, and top it off with my Crazy Zauberball hat. When that day comes, I will stand there, clad head to toe in Crazy Zauberball and I will wonder to myself, is it all too much? Is this…too much Crazy Zauberball?? “NEVER!” I’ll scream to the heavens.

A little while ago, a lovely customer purchased some Crazy Zauberball. I think it was her first. Delighted, I skipped her to the front register, thrilled on her behalf, for she was soon to experience the sheer childlike mirth that knitting with Crazy Zauberball imparts. She was very polite, but I think she wondered why I was so overly-enthusiastic. I tried to convey to her how much I liked the yarn without sounding nuts, but I tend to doubt that I contained myself adequately. I think I said Crazy Zauberball about a hundred times (a conservative estimate) in the brisk minute or two I was speaking to her. As she left, she looked at me, ever so slightly sideways and said, “You just like saying Crazy Zauberball, don’t you?”

I paused for a moment that seemed to last an eternity and realized that she was right. “Zauberball,” I solemnly bid her farewell with a peaceful confidence in my heart. For I knew that when she picked up her needles and knit, she would understand. Zauberball to you, good knitters.

Jess (Bolgaful on Ravelry)

P.S. We just got a fresh bunch of Crazy Zauberball in the store.   I promise to leave you some.

New Crazy Zauberball

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On April 7, 2015
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10 Responses to Crazy Zauberball, Mon Amour

  1. Diane says:

    I’m a ‘new’ knitter (been knitting 1 1/2 yrs) and I’ve had my eye on C Zauerball for nearly all of that time! Loved the post.

    • Jess says:

      Thank you so much, Diane!
      It sounds like you had Crazy Zauberball love at first sight. Perhaps you should arrange a “chance” meeting? I hope you will be very happy together.

  2. Dorothy Gregory says:

    Oh Jess – now what will I do? Knit the zauberball from my stash – or – buy another couple?

    • Jess says:

      Always more Crazy Zauberball, Dorothy! Always! It sounds to me like your stash Zauberball might need a few more pals. Mine seem to have grown from a merry gathering into a full-on colony.

  3. Lynette Meek says:

    Great job Jess – I loved it!

  4. Margaret Rutherford says:

    I love love love the knee high socks! If I lived in Nanaimo I would be at MadAboutEwe every day 🙂

    • Jess says:

      Thanks Margaret!
      Hopefully we will get to see you sometime soon! I’m sure that you are with us in spirit! We are going to be doing a KAL in our Ravelry group for spring, and you certainly don’t need to live close to participate 😉

  5. german fan club says:

    Loved the post. I don’t even knit but it makes me want to start

    Das ist eine wunderbare Geschichte

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