Cat’s Cradles and Pools of Colour

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Needles were flying every where!

Yesterday was the opening day of our summer sale and the workshop on the Pooling technique was also scheduled.  What genius planned that?  I would have to take full credit for the doubling up – I had a DUH! moment!  It was a busy but a great day.

Worlds Largest Cat’s Cradle!

I wasn’t so sure at 6:15am when I awoke to the sound of rain – we weren’t supposed to get any rain until Saturday!  Emily said that she could hear the words all the way across town.  Why words?  I had planned the workshop to be outside!  I started to watch the sky and by the time 9:00am rolled around it was breaking up.  The class was still outside – a very nice place to be!  Outside of a couple of issues with yarn winding, and the uncertainty about the weather.  Needles started flying and colours started pooling.  We learned how to lay out our yarns – or maybe we were praying to the yarn gods for success!

After a hard day of knitting the results were incredible!

Happy Knitting


Many pools of colour – the results of a hard days work!

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On August 6, 2010

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