Canada 150 EH! – update

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Have you been thinking about the Mystery KAL?  Here is some more information – just to whet your appetite for some Canadian Knitting Adventures!

Canada 150 Eh! Mystery KAL – supply list

We are Canadian! EH!

We are Canadian! EH!

2.75mm US #2, 16 inch circs and dpns; 3.25mm US#3 16inch circs and dpns; markers and the regular notions.
Fingering – 50 – 75 grs main, 50grs, contrast, 50gr contrast. Simplest version of project requires 2 colours only.
Now it is time to pick colours for our Canada 150 Eh! Project. Now, does Canada mean different colours for different people as well? I think that colours are subjective to surroundings and interests.
I personally think that my Canadian colours are the Greens, Blues and Greys of the Wet West Coast – not that I chose to use them in my samples. If you are from the Prairies your Canadian colours might be Blue, Gold and Grey/Greens, not that you need to pick those three colours if you are from the Prairies.

And then there are the Sports Fans – I used sport team influences for some of my possible colour selections.

**Main**	    **Contrast**	**Accent**
    Red	             White            Black
    Green	      Yellow	        Black
    Blue 	      White	        Black
    Blue	      Green	        Charcoal
    Yellow	      Brown	        Cream

The above are suggestions only! Let your imagination play and roam to create “Your” Canadian colours!

Happy Knitting



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On June 23, 2017
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