Blocking it out! Fan Shawl as Sample.

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Shawl, t-pins an blocking wires.

Never blocked lace before?  It is not as difficult as you might think, but it does require some time and space.  The technique that I will demonstrate is wet blocking – it is what I use most often for lace.

1) Soak the item to be blocked – then gently squeeze out excess water and roll in dry towels to remove even more moisture.

2) Lay out towels over the area that you are going to block on, carpeted floor space, an extra bed  or those great soft floor blocks that you can get for children to play on work well.

3) Tools include, blocking wires, T-pins and a long ruler or measuring tape.

4) Always start at the center and work outwards, measuring as you go to keep each side the same.  You may need to shift your pins outwards as you block to even out the stretch on both sides – use lots of pins.

Blocking wires are in place across the top and down the center.

5)  If using blocking wires thread those in place before adding the pins.  Thread the wires in and out of your knitting.  For the fan shawl I used 2 long wires across the top and one down the center of the pattern.

6) Then start pinning at the center back and bottom point working toward the tops points from both sides.  For each curve start in the center and half each section and continue to half each section with a pin until the curve looks good.

First curve is pinned.

Shawl was 60 inches across the top and 18 in deep before blocking.

Shawl was 68 inches across the top and 26 in deep after blocking.  It will relax an be a little smaller after the pins are removed.

One side done, ready to move up the other

Shawl blocked and drying!

Happy Knitting


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On November 9, 2010

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