An Artist Revealed

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Eileens Top Down Faroese from the Summer Series

Eileen’s Top Down Faroese from the Summer Series

People are always surprising.  The more time that you spend with them the more surprising they become.  It is something of a paradox, as it is always when you think you have someone figured out, they change directions and boom, it’s a surprise!  Last week I experienced another such moment.

Lynsie modelling Eileens Goddess Knits Mystery Shawl for this year

Lynsie modelling Eileen’s Goddess Knits Mystery Shawl for this year

Eileen is a teacher in Nanaimo and loves to knit lace.  We see her quite a bit in the summer as she comes to our Wednesday mornings Stitch and Bitch and participates in the Summer Lace Series of Classes.  Eileen also participates in the Goddess Knit Mystery Shawls and every year we see another beautiful creation.  This year Eileen also joined the Abbey Lace Fan Class and an Artist was revealed!

Starting the Layering

Starting the Layering

I knew that Eileen had done some painting in the past.  She has made and painted China Dolls and created their costumes from socks and undergarments to period costume.  I did not know that Eileen had taken watercolour classes.   Eileen also knew how to take that knowledge and apply to painting with dyes.  She was so generous as she shared the techniques she was using and I learned so much from her just from watching and listening to her in the class.  I hope that I can remember it all.

I had often equated the handpainting with dyes to painting watercolours, something that I had played around with in school, and enjoyed, many years ago.  It was inspiring to see Eileen, who knew what she was doing, treat them as such and use them to create such amazing detail!  Knowing what I knew about Eileen I should not have been surprised but I was – Thank-you Eileen.

Happy Knitting,  Lynette

Almost Finished

Almost Finished

Adding the Details

Adding the Details

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On August 26, 2009

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