A Yarn Sale is like a Box of Chocolates – so Many to Choose From!!

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A gift from Janie – these chocolates are going as fast as our yarns! LOL!!

The Sale is moving along quite nicely, there are now a few holes for new arrivals and still lots of yarn left on sale.

You may have noticed that we have added another row to our shelving – we just had no more room for all of the gorgeous yarn that Emily had been ordering.  So up we have gone!  Over the next few weeks we will be moving yarns around as new stock arrives or we sell out of some of our old yarns.

We have added a few pattern books to our sale items.  Books from Phildar, Drops, Needful and many others to a new 50% bin for those looking for older but wiser patterns.

Linda’s Wrap – from Swing, Swagger, Drape!

The Dreamz Interchangeable sets are back in stock.  These gorgeous birch needles have fabulous joins and are a joy to use.  Love the metal needles, check out the Nova interchangeables, also back in stock!  If you are looking for an affordable interchangeable sets these sets from Knitters Pride are a wonderful choice.

Back View!

Happy Knitting


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On January 12, 2012
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