A Rocking Class

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Our Punk Rock Thrummer – class mascot!

Yesterday’s Thrummed Slipper Workshop was a gas!  A little loud, maybe a little raucaus – it was the best kind of class.  The atmosphere was relaxed and comfortable, the best kind, for learning and teaching.

From the first comments to the last stitch knit, everyone was having a great time.  The colours of the Thrums were fabulous, most were the Hand-dyed Merino Roving from Fleece Artist.  We had as much fun watching the colours emerge as we did learning the thrumming technique.  We also discovered new ways to use our thrumming.  We created a new mascot and some very old fashioned, yet now modern headgear!

Debbie’s Thrummed Fascinator!

It was a full class – with friends coming together and others making new friends!

Check out the pictures if you are intested in seeing the colours as they combine!

Happy Knitting


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On April 1, 2012

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