It is starting today!

Sale, SALE, Sale, sale, SaLe….

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…How many ways can we say SALE!

This is our big one!

This is our big one!

This is the big one – the sale to end all sales – and it is going to start next week - Tuesday Jan 3rd!

This is our big sale.  Almost every yarn in the store will be on sale.  There will be a few exclusions.  For example; hand-dyed yarns usually do not go on sale – we wait months for these yarns – they don’t go on sale; another good example would be New Yarns – you know – like that gorgeous Century ribbon from Classic Elite.  If the yarn is new to the store or hand-dyed they will not be on sale.

Well. hand-dyed yarns or new yarns take up maybe only 10% of the yarns in the store, that leaves 90% of the yarns in the store on sale!  Price reductions will be anywhere from 15% to 70% off the regular price!  This sale will run the remainder of the month of January – from Jan 3rd to 31st – that is 28 days of sale yarns.  We will be in fibre heaven.

See you there!

Dream in Yarn!


PS.  This is a yarn sale!


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On December 27, 2016
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