Dorothy Gregory


Our Felting Monarch

Dorothy has worked at Mad About Ewe Fine Yarns longer than any other employee. Dorothy is an accomplished knitter, felter and designer in her own right. She is a Needle Felting Artist and you can see many of her designs at the Artisan’s Studio on Bastion Street.

Dorothy has been knitting for longer than she is willing to admit. She is a complete lefty and jokingly tells us how we all knit backwards.

Dorothy is a superb teacher. Customers and staff at Mad About Ewe have benefited immeasurably from her expertise. From questions about the intricacies of two handed fair isle to the finer points of needle felting and an expert eye for colour play, Dorothy has the answers.

“My place among the Mad About Ewe Team is often to share the following sage bits of advice:

When in doubt choosing a colour, buy both. I do this and the result is a stash of monumental proportions which is much loved and even sometimes knit.
When choosing a pattern to knit for babies, you must first place your thumb over the face of the baby model because those kids are too cute!
And lastly but most importantly, only two glasses of wine are allowed when following a pattern. After that, one or the other must go – trust me on this one and all will be well.”